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Best history lessons

I really enjoy this podcast , listening to it give you things you don’t hear in today’s world , very important things that shaped our country.


I’ve listened to many and this is the best so far.




Too! Many! Adds!!!!! But it’s ok

Always awesome

Consistently really good, even making historical moments I thought to be boring actually fairly exciting. The host does a great job pacing it, and the sound effects are amazing.

love it

Brilliant you got the Ryan Reynolds to do a fake podcast

Boo yah


Little History Soundbites

I really like the variety of history that is included in this podcast, from the monarchy in England, to Chinese/Japanese conflicts, American history from the revolution, Pearl Harbor and beyond. It’s such a wide amount of topics but in a quick and easy digestible amount. I also like the smaller facts that I learn about well known events that I didn’t know before.

Haha!!! April fooled not I🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I knew it was you Mr Reynolds. Well done. Love Lindsay Graham’s podcasts. “ I have a cold, so I may sound Canadian.” it was fantastic. Review written on March 33.

April Fools

That April fools episode was legendary. Having Ryan Reynolds narrate about a conspiracy theory was hilarious 😂

April Fools Day

Superb episode. Truly original.

April 1st episode was great!

On the April 1st episode, Lindsay’s “Canadian accent” is spot on. The episode was a perfect accompaniment to my Aviation gin and tonic. Also super glad my mint mobile plan was able to deliver this podcast to me with no issue.

Great Podcast

Lindsay Graham is a great story teller and he has an easy listening voice. A++


Personally I really enjoyed the 5 part long version JFK stack of podcasts. The short or micro 17 minutes or less just don’t interest me at all and I think you’re doing yourselves a disservice. Go at least an hour each episode or have more stacked episode podcasts please. JFK was the first time I’ve listened because it’s interesting and very long pod

So happy to find this

The narrative format of this podcast is so engaging. Great for solo listening (and learning), and also great for family listening. My kids get very excited to hear stories that reference various topics they’ve learned about in history, geography, and pop culture.

Love this podcast!!

I’m 11 and this podcast is one of the best ways I have to wind down. Thank you!😁

love it

You know I haven’t heard this much knowledge since 7th grade social studies

Excellenty narrated and produced and covers a huge range of historical events of different types every weekday. I love the added sound effects which really bring the events to life.

Love it

I truly love History Daily. I enjoy listening to the narrators voice tell these stories. And the length is just perfect. Not too long but not too short either. I like that I can learn from this show. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Amazing Show

I listen to this podcast all day while working. As a huge history buff, I really enjoy how each story is done. Thank you!

History is cool!

Wonderful show, should be played in our schools. Keep up this fine job, America needs it more than ever…

Good Podcast

This podcast is exactly what it sounds like. Random history from this day in the past. It’s short, fun, and interesting and the stories are told in a cute way.


I love listening to this after swimming in my way back home. I really recommend this podcast. It makes the way back much better. 😤💀🫡

Absolutely amazing podcast

I love that every day I get a little bite-sized bit of world history. I feel like a more well rounded person because of it. I love Grahams narration, I listen to his other podcasts as well.

Saturday Matinee: Redacted History Episode

I absolutely LOVED this episode!! I would love to see more episodes from this podcast featured on here!

Starts my day

I love this daily podcast! I listen to it while brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day and always learn something new and interesting.

Saturday Matinee: Redacted History

This has been my favorite episode to listen to so far! More episodes like this please?! Can’t wait to hear more.

Wonderful Podcast

Enjoy this every day.


It’s awesome

The best podcast ever :)

I love this podcast. Every dad I can listen to a new podcast. Please listen to this podcast.