Jan. 15, 2022

Saturday Matinee: The History of Vikings

In this debut weekend episode, we're bringing you something fascinating from history, and hopefully introduce you to a new podcast, too. In this selection from the podcast The History of Vikings, host Noah Tetzner speaks with author Martyn Whittock about …

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Jan. 14, 2022

The Summer of Love Begins

January 14, 1967. A gathering of thousands in San Francisco kicks off the Summer of Love, and introduces “hippies” to the mainstream media.

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Jan. 13, 2022

Johnny Cash Plays Folsom Prison

January 13, 1968. American singer and songwriter Johnny Cash records his best selling live album in front of an audience of convicts. This episode includes a portion of "Jugo Blues" by janogonzalez, licensed under a Creative Commons License ( https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/. …

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Jan. 12, 2022

Gandhi's Last Fast

January 12, 1948. In an attempt to stop the violence engulfing New Delhi and the broader subcontinent, Gandhi begins his final fast.

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Jan. 11, 2022

The First Killing of a U.S. Marshal

January 11, 1794. In Georgia, a man named Robert Forsyth becomes the first United States Marshal killed in the line of duty.

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Jan. 10, 2022

Julius Caesar Crosses the Rubicon

January 10, 49 BC. A provincial governor named Julius Caesar marches his army across the Rubicon river, invading Italy and plunging the Roman Republic into Civil War.

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Jan. 7, 2022

The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

January 7, 2015. Two gunmen storm the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine.

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Jan. 6, 2022

The End of a Contested Election

January 6, 2001. The U.S Congress certifies George W. Bush as the winner of the heated 2000 presidential election.

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Jan. 5, 2022

Amelia Earhart: A Pioneering Pilot is Declared Dead

January 5, 1939. The aviator Amelia Earhart is declared dead after disappearing in a presumed plane crash.

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Jan. 4, 2022

Solomon Northup Regains his Freedom

January 4, 1853. After being kidnapped and sold into slavery, Solomon Northup regains his freedom. Support for this episode comes from Laytrip - layaway travel for everyone: https://laytrip.com

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Jan. 3, 2022

The Battle of Princeton

January 3, 1777. General George Washington snatches victory from the jaws of defeat at the Battle of Princeton.

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Dec. 24, 2021

The Christmas Truce of World War One

December 24, 1914. In the trenches of World War One, British and German troops call a truce to celebrate Christmas together.

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Dec. 23, 2021

The Fall of King James II

December 23, 1688. King James II of England abandons the throne and flees abroad after a coup forces him from power

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Dec. 22, 2021

The Dreyfus Affair

December 22, 1894. Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain in the French army, is convicted of treason for allegedly passing military secrets to the Germans.

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Dec. 21, 2021

The Launch of Apollo 8

December 21, 1968. Apollo 8, the first crewed spacecraft to successfully orbit the Moon and return to Earth, launches from the Kennedy Space Center

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Dec. 20, 2021

South Carolina Secedes

December 20, 1860. South Carolina secedes from the Union precipitating the Civil War

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Dec. 17, 2021

The First Flight of the Wright Brothers

December 17th 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright achieve the first powered, sustained and controlled airplane flight in history.

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Dec. 16, 2021

The Boston Tea Party

December 16th, 1773. American colonists, frustrated and angry at Britain for imposing “taxation without representation,” dump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor

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Dec. 15, 2021

The Death of Sitting Bull

December 15, 1890. Native American chief Sitting Bull is killed on the Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota

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Dec. 14, 2021

The Race to the South Pole

December 14th, 1911. Roald Amundsen becomes the first person to reach the South Pole.

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Dec. 13, 2021

The Capture of Saddam Hussein

December 13th, 2003. Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is captured by American forces.

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Sept. 11, 2021

History Daily Trailer

On History Daily, we do history, daily. Every weekday beginning November 1st—the same day President John Adams first moved into the White House—we’ll bring you a slice of the history that happened that day. Whether it’s to remember the tragedy …

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